Icon Electrical cabinets and panels has over 30 years of experience in the making of control panels and electrical distributors.

The work is always done to the specifications of the client. The known high quality of the work has our constant attention.
Each panel will be tested to the applying norms like NEN1010, NEN-EN 60204-1 and NEN-EN-IEC 60439-1 and directives, like the EMC and Low Voltage Directive and Directive for safety of machinery.

Big distribution systems with high power supplies are made, assembled and tested in own management and workmanship.
Each panel will be tested electrically, mechanically and visual according certain protocols.
The acceptance test can take place in our well equipped workshop.

Also the making of panels in series is one of the standard services. The efficiency of the making will lead to an affordable product. From series of 5 pieces with a minimal purchase of 20 pieces a year, we can make you a competitive price.

We invite you to visit us in our company.